Programmed Entity removal crystals for both negative and positive entities who need to move on

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Programmed Entity removal crystals

Please READ Before Buying

All the items on this page, have been worked with by Lady Wolfen Mists in several session in which the elements and entities found inside the crystals are brought forward and are made ready/receptive to the new users energies. This is a special process that has been developed by Lady Wolfen Mists after speaking with the crystal and as directed by the Angelic beings she works with. Please note that you will receive the exact crystal shown in all pictures and the pictures show various sides of the crystal. Some lit up and some not.

In some cases there are images within the crystals, they were there when the picture was taken and communicated with Lady Wolfen Mists but that doesn't mean they will be that open to a new user right away, you may have to prove yourself to them and then they may show/reveal themselves to you or you may see something all together different. Crystals are tricky and the keepers inside are particular who and what they reveal.

JUST SO YA KNOW: These items all have a blanket Karma Binder that only allows for positive works, so if you have something else in mind...dont bother here, its a waste of money and energy cause they wont work for you.

These are natural Crystals that have been “harvested” in a sacred and respectful manner. These are of course only 1 OF A KIND!

These crystals have been especially programmed and made ready, under the directions of the Angel Like Beings (ALBs) that I work with. They are for Light Workers, Spirit Warriors and any one who works to remove negative energies or even spirits (ghosts) that are stuck here on this earth plane and cant move on.

If a spirit is caught here and wants to move on a portal under the watch of the Light entity on the other side opens and they are escorted to a better place of love and light. If the entity is negative (demonic) and doesn’t want to leave they still have no choice, using this crystal as it was programmed to do a portal opens (under the watchful eyes and control of the ALBs) and they are “taken” to the other side without any consideration for what they want. They are removed period, no exceptions!

These can also be used to rid a person, space or item of an entity that is no wanted there, its easy to use, In large infestations you may need to do this more then once.

I caution you these are REAL TOOLS and not for wanna be workers but for those who are dedicated and who work within the lighted path. You will not find these tools anywhere else, there may be those who try to copy them (Goddess bless the Internet everything is open for poaching) But these are exclusive to Lady Wolfen Mists and Silver Hoofs. The process is hers alone, the programming was given only to her from the ALBs she works with and right now they are sold only through Silver Hoofs inc.

You will get all the information you need to work with the crystals in a successful manner.Blessings to any who feel driven to purchase one of these tools and success to your endeavors.




Programmed Entity removal crystals #1



Programmed Entity Removal Crystal #2

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Programmed Entity Removal Crystal#3



Programmed Entity removal Crystal #4


Couldnt Find what you wanted here There are more coming as I work to find the best crystals that hold this type of programming. This program isnt for all types of crystals and they must be fairly large and solid to contin the energies and open what is needed. They are kinda hard to find I would almost say rare thus the cost reflects their hard to get status, I dont know how many of these I will be making, or how often. If I find the right crystals I will continue, if not I will have to stop because I WILL NOT pass off inferior goods and poor quality.

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