Scrying: Using a Crystal Ball

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Scrying: Using a Crystal Ball

By Lady Wolfen Mists © 1991

Why use quartz crystal in scrying:

There are many ways to read or scry into a crystal. One of the most successful ways, I have found, is through the use of a quartz crystal ball. Yet it should be noted that there are those who report great success with crystal points also, but this does take much practice and a very focused and powerful technique, and I do not recommend this method for beginners. The reason most people chose to use quartz crystal is because of its wonderful vibratory rate, it resonates in harmony with all that is around it, raising or lowering its own levels to that which is needed to be in harmony with the psychic energies around it. It then acts as a focus to those energies, and aids in sending those energies to you (the receiver), at levels to which your psychic energies can absorb and understand. Since it is able to change both your and it's vibratory rate, either higher or lower as the case may be, it reaches a harmony between the two that is often difficult, if not impossible to attain without the crystals help and intervention. This interdependence and interconnectedness that is established between the two make for a deep harmonious psychic link. This allows both time and space to interface as one. Thus, all information that may not be available to you now, without this link, need now only to be asked sought out, and it is yours.

Why the sphere shape?

The sphere or ball shape has been used for many centuries for several different reasons. One of the main reasons is that the shape itself, lends the energies to constant movement and re-energizing. The sphere does not allow the focused energies that flow through the ball, to sit idol or to lose themselves in points or "dead spaces." With the ball or sphere shape there must be constant movement and a harmonious flow to the energies contained therein. This factor makes the energies easier to pick up on, to read and to interpret (with experience of course) more preciously and clearly.

Another popular reason for the shape is that the sphere or ball is equal to the shape of the world. The world is equated with being the manifested center of creative impulses from which we can draw our psychic powers and energies. The sphere has no beginning and no ending, just a continuous flow of energy on an ever renewing cycle, moving on and on into infinity. This can be likened to the evolution of the spirit & soul and the quest for becoming one with the essence of the self and Higher Self. What a wonderful thought!

How to Cleanse your Crystal Ball

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal ball; one of the easiest ways is to place the sphere into a bowl of distilled water, with a pinch of salt in the water. I like to use sea salt as its more natural, but in all honesty you can use any kind of salt including table salt. Pour enough water over the ball to cover it and let it sit for about 30-minutes to an hour before using. Then take it out of the water and towel dry it off, pour the water out (down the sink is fine), and your ready to go. If you want to do a deeper more complete cleansing then do the same as above but leave the ball in the water over night and allow the moonlight to touch it. Full moon is best as its most powerful, but any moonlight will work.

If you are using the ball one session right after another, say in readings for different individuals, then you will want to clean the ball each time. As the above method would be time consuming and not practical. You can do a short cleanse which is fairly simple. Light a stick incense something like, Sandalwood, Nag Champa, Goddess, Blue Roses or even Sage, and use the smoke of the crystal to cleanse the ball of any mis-aligned energies. The choice of incense is important, as it should be one that has cleansing properties. Each time your finished pick up the ball and pass it through the smoke of the incense, say:

I cleanse this ball from energies within

Pure, clean and focused to use again

Crystal ball its Truth I seek

As into possible futures I peek

So Mote It Be!

Then you're ready to use it again. Yet I must tell you this is just quick clean. At the end of the day you should cleanse the ball overnight in water, to really cleanse it of the energies that flowed through it that day.

So now you are ready to move on to actual use of the crystal ball. The steps involved are found at HOW TO USE A CRYSTAL BALL,
just click and read. Remember it takes practice so dont be upset if it doesn't work right away. Take your time, allow the crystal and your energies to match, it will work! Lady Wolfen Mists

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