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The following information is for your personal use. I have attempted to gather information that may be useful to members of "the craft". Just push on the highlighted title to be transported through this magickal book to the selected destination. Many of these pages were written by Lady Wolfen Mists and are copyrighted by her. You are welcome to read and use the knowledge but please donít take it from this site! Blessings to you all!

The Pyramid Tool
This is a Primer on how to use this tool, giving easy to follow steps for the beginner. There isnt alot of easy information for beginners on tools with shapes so I thought this might help. It was written by Lady Wolfen Mists and is copyrighted by her. You are welcome to read and use the knowledge but please dont take it from this site!

Traditional herbs used in funerals Or Spirit Infestations
This is a common listing of Herbs used in funerals or in to quiet spirits that keep hanging about. Its a simple way to honor those who have crossed and to protect yourself or others if you feel the need. I did not construct this listing it was put together by Selana Fox.

Scents, Resins, Oils & Such
This is a list of Scents, oils & resins commonly used for magickal resons. In magick these items have accepted magickal attributes that have been passed down for generations.Enjoy!

Glossary of Common Pagan Terms
This is a list of common pagan terms that you may find handy.I did not construct this so I can't take credit for it, its really fairly good.

Charge of Goddess & God
You will find here a few of the a various types of Charges, for both Goddess and God, some are traditional some are not. In any case they are truly beautiful and inspirational, and will add much to your rituals.

Principles of Beliefs
In the Spring Witchmeet of 1974, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Council of American Witches created and adopted a statement entitled "Principles of Wiccan Belief" in an effort to inform and educate both the general public and Witches in general. The text of the "Principles of Belief" follows in this section. It really is a MUST read for all peoples interested in Wicca and what it means.

The Witches Creed
Taken from Doreen Valiente writings, this a beautiful poem that speaks of the many mysteries of the God and Goddess. Read to lift the spirits and renew the soul! Very inspirational.

This is a listing of the 8 Sabbats Wiccans usually celebrate. It also contains a brief description of what is being celebrated at each sabbat.

I add this Poem here to see who it may touch, if it stirs a memory or feeling or if you feel "called" or touched by it please e-mail me and tell me of your reactions and experiences to or because of this poem. I really am interested. I know that there are some who will read it and know it is time. Blessings!

Common Moon Phases
Whenever you work with magick, whether it is in spell or rite or rituals, you need to get an idea of the phase of the moon. You also need to know what works best in that specific phase.

How to Dress a candle

Dressing your candle is easy and should be done EVERY time you use candles in spells, ritual, devotions or any typr of magick!

A Creation: Before Time Was
This is a beautiful story of the creation and the interactions of the Goddess and God. Its written by Scott Cunningham and is another example of his pure connection to the Lord and the Lady. He is greatly missed by the pagan community.

Talking Boards; Care & Use
I wrote the following handout to give to people who are interested in learning to use Talking Boards. It is simply a beginners guide with instructions on use, storage and care of the boards. If you are planning to use a tool, like the Talking Board, PLEASE read this. Remember knowledge is power the more you know and understand about a subject/tool, the more you will be able to use it in a positive helpful way for yourself and others.

Laws that Inspire Us to do better
I did not write these it is yet another excellent insight written by Scott Cunningham. It concerns Laws that should rule our life and be kept close to our hearts. It is , as almost all of his writings, another item that should make its ways to your personal Book of Shadows.

Soul Sending Rite for the Solitary Practitioner
I, Lady Wolfen Mists, wrote this rite. It is to aid those who have crossed that you wish to do something special for. Perhaps you didnt get to the memorial, or funeral, or you didnt get to say goodby in a comfortable pagan way. This rite is aimed at that, as well as aiding you in healing. Many have used it and say it aided them in to many ways to count. I give it to you here freely, all I ask is that you not change it too much and give me credit for it. Although this rite is aimed at the solitary practitioner but can easily be adjusted to fit groups. Blessings

Scrying: Using a Crystal Ball
This was written by Lady Wolfen Mists to give beginners the basics when trying to use a crystal ball. It includes info on why the use of Quartz Crystal, Why the sphere (ball) shape & How to cleanse your Crystal Ball. Hope it helps.

HOW TO USE A CRYSTAL BALL Steps to Reading/Scrying with a Crystal Ball
This was written by Lady Wolfen Mists and it gives a series of steps that one may use when doing crystal scrying. Lady Wolfen Mists has used crystal balls for an excess of 25 years and her tips should be helpful to both beginners and advanced pracitioners.

Stones and what they are used for...
This is a list of stones and their traditional uses. Enjoy! Remember this info is not to be used as substitute for competent medical care.

Spells for Beginners:

(1) Money Spell
(2) Protection Spell

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