Hand Blended
Floor/Body Wash
One 8oz bottle: $7.99
Use to aid in the gain of cash.

$Money$ Floor-Body Wash $7.99

Used to aid in the reduction of stress from job or persons or situations you can't remove from your life.

Stress Floor-Body Wash $7.99

To aid in bringing prosperous times to the user. Luck and good fortune.

Prosperity Floor-Body Wash $7.99

Remove Negative Energies
Used to aid in the destruction of negative energies. This wash doesn't just reflect them away from you. It aids in the complete and total realignment of these negative energies, to positive energies that will aid you in successful growth.

Remove Negative Energies Floor-Body Wash $7.99

Used to aid user in the attraction of what ever is wanted or needed. Caution: This is strong, be sure you know what you want before using.

Attraction Floor-Body Wash $7.99

Aids in getting the love that the user seeks, also aids in keeping that love once you find it.

Love Floor-Body Wash $7.99

Used to aid in the body's healing process. Notice: This is not intended to replace the care of a physician. It is merely to be used as an x-tra.

Mending Floor-Body Wash $7.99

Putting Rumors To Rest
Use to aid in the over coming of painful rumors that have inflicted harm upon the user.

Putting Rumors to Rest Floor-Body Wash $7.99

Use to aid in achieving the balance and harmony in any situation one may need.

Balance Floor-Body Wash $7.99

Used to aid in the positive growth and enlightenment of the user. Often said to make things clearer in ones life and adds a deeper understanding of obstacles placed in that persons life.

Ascension Body Wash $7.99

Used as a general energy cleanser. Often used in purifying bath before working macick. Also used to aid in removing unclean energies from sites. (i.e. unwanted ghosts from house)

Purity Floor-Body Wash $7.99

Often used after purity bath, aids in keeping the user safe from harm. can be used on its own to protect a specific area or item.

Protection Floor-Body Wash $7.99

This is used to aid in the creative thought process of the user. It allows for the attraction of creative energies and uses those energies to the maximum level available.

Creativity Floor-Body Wash $7.99

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