A Little Bit About Us

Who we are:

Lady Wolfen Mists: Lady Wolfen Mists is a Third Degree High Priestess, Witch Queen, Licensed Minister, Certified Hypnotherapist, Stone/Crystal Master and a Licensed Social Worker, Divination Master. She is the Founder of the Wolfen Wicca(tm) Tradition which she has copyrighted and trademarked. In addition to this she is also a Reiki Master, as well as other forms of healing, Remote Viewer, Medium and Spirit Contact Liaison, Angel/Spirit Guide Worker, accomplished Fire Walker and Atlantean Healer, Lemurian Crystal & Stone Master (master level achieved in 1979), Sentinel/Protector of the relics and Star Memories of Sirius, Alien.Abductee Support Group Leader, Oil Incense & Bath Salts Crafter, Spell Work & Spell Crafter, Elixir Creator, Animal Speaker, Spiritual Warrior & Light Worker, Tarot Reader, Angelic tool Creator, and other various divination styles, just to name a few of her abilities and accomplishments. She is a Certified Ghost Hunter from the International Ghost Hunters Society, see link below

She is a recognized International Psychic with many years spent in Metaphysical research as well as active practice. She has worked in the field of disincarnate entities (ghost) and poltergeist activity. She also provides help with spirit removal, spirit communication, house blessings and much more. Lady Wolfen Mists has also provided self help groups and support groups for UFO encounters and abductees. She has first hand knowledge of NDE's (Near Death Experiences) which she gratefully shares.

In addition to the above she has written a few self published books that are sold at SILVER HOOFS Inc. She is well acquainted with many types of Wiccan Traditions and several various other Magical styles.

Lady Wolfen Mists has been practicing Wicca some 40 plus years and prefers the Folk/Eclectic traditions.She loves all types of Metaphysical studies. She is co-founder of Sacred Sanctuary, Spirits of Light a small teaching coven in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. It is here she is constantly developing New Correspondence course work, as well as "in class" courses for students, who want to learn more about the Wicca and the Mysteries of the Universe.

Ok So many of you have written and asked for a picture of us to see what we look like. I found these that I felt ok with. These are the many (young) faces of Lady Wolfen Mists from 1978 or so. Ya didnt think I'd put current ones up did you, this way I can look back and talk of "Ol' Glory Days" hee hee :-)


Lady Wyntiers Song: (was Lady Shadow Stalker) Lady Wyntiers Song is a Third Degree High Priestess, who has been working in the craft for over 25 years, and loves the idea of being called a "Kitchen Witch". Just to name a few of her abilities and accomplishments, Lady Wyntiers Song is a Master Healer & Light Worker who uses many various styles of healing, including Reiki, Toning, Opal activation/energization, etc.

Lady Wyntiers Song is an accomplished Herbalist and an Aromatherapy Master, along with this she reads Auras, Tarot and does Color Therapy. She is a Crystal/Stone Master and Divination Pendulum Master and specialist. Lady Wyntiers Song is an accomplished Fire Walker and volunteer Teacher at SILVER HOOFS Inc.She is also a Certified Ghost Hunter from the International Ghost Hunters Society, see link below

She can often be found writing away on her newest Childrens stories entitled The Adventures of Knobbly Knobbly is an amazing little squirrel who has many adventures in the Misty Mountains Forest, his best friend is faery named Aria and many other creatures of the forest become a part of this fantastic world. When Lady Wyntiers Song is not writing or taking care of the fur babies in our earth plane family you can find her at SILVER HOOFS Inc. online helping with all phone and mail-orders as well as getting out the online courses people need.

Like Lady Wolfen Mists, Lady Shadow Stalker is also a co-founder of Sacred Sanctuary, Spirits of Light a small closed teaching coven in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. She is a central figure in the Emerald Door Project. She would happily accept ANY and ALL donations (Cash or items) you might want to send. Emerald Door is a worthy Project for all pagans and Non-pagans alike, lets get this Non-profit Light Center up and running, so we all can use it!

So you want to see picts of Lady Shadow Stalker well these were taken back in the early 80's. she loves her critters! Yep she shys away from current pictures also :-)


So there you go, all our info and our pictures of olden days too. Now how can you even beat that (big witchy grin)

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