Hand Blended Metaphysical Correct Bath Salts

Directions For Use: Use 1/8 portion or desired amount in bath water. External use only.

3 x 5 inch individual bags: $4.75 (always available) or
5.75 in glass tubes (as available, must e-mail for these)
Astral Travel
Use to aid in astral travel, and all types of spiritual quest.
Use to aid in seeing auras and cleansing users aura.
Use to aid in banishing negative energies and gossip.
Use to aid in putting your mind, body and soul in the energy level needed to create a link to the Higher Self and the Creators (you believe in)Think on your life and the blocks that need removed to place you in a Higher State to access a direct link to your Creator (s). See blocks being removed as you wash and doors opening to higher levels of being.
Dance-Performing Arts
Use to aid in drawing the user creative energies, especially success in All forms of performing arts.
Days End
Use to aid in easing fatigued muscle pain and relaxation of stress and physical exhausting day.
Dolphin Connection-
Used to aid in connection with dolphin energies for peace harmony and healing. Used to connect with all citizens of the waters
Dreams of Direction
Use to aid user in finding a specific direction, through gaining an understanding of inner self in dream work.
Use to aid in connecting with other dimensions and also with astral journey work
Use to aid in creative expression, this works VERY quickly, so use with CAUTION.
Essence of Life-
Use to aid in renewal of spirit soul and physical form. Use when recovering from life draining diseases, spiritual depression or broken soul
Full Moon Power:
Use to aid in any spell work you wish to empower with full moon at any time.
Use to aid when help is needed and invoking the four elements.
*Hands Of Light
To aid in Reiki and other healing work.
Use to aid in keeping happiness and harmony in users life.
Harvest Horn
Use to aid in drawing good fortune to user and draw abundance.
Healing Sun
Use to aid the body in easing pain and to aid in stimulation of healing energies.
To aid in healing old emotional pains and wounds. Aids in going home, aids in healing your inner self.
Invisible Force
Use to aid in keeping enemies away and helping them to forget about you.
The Invincible Wall-
Use to place an invincible wall of protection against negative energies around user.
Aid in drawing others to you, seeming not to be able to resist you. Aids in giving you a magnetic personality and charm.
Aids in all forms of love, in learning to give, receive and showing.
Merlin's Madness
Use to aid in the invocation of the powers of the mage. Also aids in clearing time streams, aids successful portal travel.
Messages From Beyond-
To aid in receiving messages from the otherside or speaking to loved ones that have crossed.
Naughty Knights
Use this to add a bit of spice and inspiration to your (K)nights.
New Beginnings
Use to aid in bringing peace and tranquillity to self or household.
Use this to aid in gaining new insights to old problems and to see the world with fresh eyes.
Phoenix Rising
To aid in rising above every day major problems. To reach higher spiritual planes.
Psychic Awareness
Use to aid in increased psychic awareness.
Use to aid in getting rid of negativity energies and to purify oneself for rituals.
Rain Forest Forever
To aid in sending energies to help the Rain forest and dispel negative energy that would destroy it.
Sands Of Time
Use to aid in gathering and retaining knowledge on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. Also aids in allowing this info to be called up as needed.
Spirit Guide
Use to aid in contacting and finding your spirit guide. Also aids in making a positive cohesive bond.
Summer Breezes
Aids in recall of past life issues that may still effect this present life.
Sweetly Comes Your Dreams
Aids in halting nightmares and helps to receive a good nights sleep.
To aid in drawing vortex energies to user for positive outcomes (abundance, healing etc)
Where From Here
To aid in moving forward after a traumatic life event (divorce, death, etc)
Wolf's Eye
Aids in jinx removing and unhexing. Caution this is very powerful.
Wolf Walker
Its for those who walk the trail of the Lone Wolf who look from beyond the trees and seek the ancient knowledge.
Zen Grace
Aids in graceful movement in the physical and spiritual sense. Greatly aids actors, dancers, any one in the public eye.

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