Bath Oil Bubble Bath

Metaphysically Blended
One 8oz bottle: $7.99 Bottle Size: 8 oz no pump.
7 Stones
Use this bubble bath to aid in cleansing, energizing and alignment of all chakra points.

7 Stones Bath Oil $7.99

All Mother
Aids in getting in touch with female aspects. Aids in connection with spirit guides, all domestic living things.

All Mother Bath Oil $7.99

Aid for those with an extreme zest for life. Aids in balance, centering and focus.

Centering Bath Oil $7.99

Higher Self
Use to aid in finding and developing your higher self. Aids in contacting your higher power.

Higher Self Bath Oil $7.99

Mystic Moon
Use to aid in stress reduction, relieves minor muscular pains and strains. Aids in PMS and any "Moon Phase" oriented cycles.

Mystic Moon Bath Oil $7.99

Sky Father
Use to aid in getting in touch with males aspects. Aids in successfully integrating sustaining qualities, and all wild living things.

Sky Father Bath Oil $7.99

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