What is an Avatar

What is an Avatar

In The Wolfen Wiccan Tradition ®

You know what is amazing to me? I wrote this and posted here on my website, I placed a no right click on it and so you shouldnt be able to take it and post it elsewhere. Yet this page, as well as my ethics page (there is an irony in there somewhere) is a page that I "find" most often posted on the internet. Just lifted from my site without a care! No asking, no respect for my copyright.... I hope they learn the ideas of a Avatar well, for I know it does not include stealing. Heck all you had to do was e-mail me and I most probably sent you a copy of it anyway :-( Life is an interesting place isnt it.


What is an Avatar in Wolfen Wicca Tradition ®

It’s a word we hear spoken every now and then, sometimes with deep hushed respect. Sometimes as if we should know exactly what it means and dare not waste the speakers time asking. It is often seen as a "hidden or secret" meaning word that only those at the highest level understand completely, that one must be a great mystic to know the meaning of such a word.

Well as it always happens one of my students (in fact several) have stepped out the dark hushed corners and managed to utter the word to me, with a look of longing in understanding what it truly means. So here I am ready to turn on the lights and blow out the mystical candles and reveal what an Avatar means in Wolfen Wicca ®. Yet first I need to make it clear it is one of those words that mean different things to different people, and of course no one wants to look stupid and ask out right what it means to the individual saying it. Heck the individual saying it probably doesn’t have a very good understanding of the word either) But be that as it may here is what it means in our tradition.

Avatar = When someone has reached God/dess hood, ultimate self realization, the total manifestation of God or Goddess in human form. The most skilled and masterful in all forms of being as well as magick. An Avatar is someone who has achieved the highest level of being on this plane and has decided to return (or stay as the case may be) and share their knowledge and abilities with those here. They could ascend to a higher level of being and continue as God(s) in their learning and union with the Creator mind yet they stay here on the physical plane to help in the teaching, nurturence and guidance of humankind (or of the souls already here on this plane). Such ascended beings are able to exist here, all the while still experiencing absolute peace within as well as absolute balance. They have infinite knowledge, power, and bliss of creation on all levels.

Yet it should also be known that such beings are few and far between and as such can hold the development and evolution of this world within their hands, they are the perfect masters and help to lead the spiritual regeneration of all beings.

It is doubtful that you will meet an avatar in your lifetime, some who come close would be the Dali Lama and such religious icons of the past as Gandhi and Jesus and Buddha. Notice I said close as I do not or did not know them personally and couldn’t vouch for their balance, bliss or absolute peace within, nor for their command of magick on the levels of perfection.

So in essence an avatar in Wolfen Wicca would be someone who was Magickal Perfection and a manifestation of the Goddess or God in the physical. Someone who would teach and guide as well as place the needs of the beings of this planet above their own spiritual journey and stay here to help us all in our spiritual regeneration. A Perfect Master who has reached total self realization.

Ok so now does that make sense to ya all? Now you to can be one of the many who speak in deep mystical tones with humility and awe of the possible Avatar you have experienced. You now will have a deeper knowing of this new age buzz word and can command the respect of others as you use it in an intelligent and intellectual way. See pack all ya got to do is ask and my vast knowledge and experience is yours to command.

A slightly silly, blissful but certainly a non avatar like
Lady Wolfen Mists