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Angelic Neckalces-
Garden of Angels Tools (tm)

These are necklaces I was instructed by the Angel Like Beings that I speak with to create. I call them ALBs because I donít want to sound egotistical saying I speak with Angels.

Anyway these are tools they have shared with me to make available to those who wish to use them and who wish to keep the darkness at bay. They are exclusive to Lady Wolfen Mists and only sold through Silver Hoofs Inc.

I was told to make a specific number of these for those who feel called to them through the coming months and years. There will be 7 in each run.

***This necklace can also be handed down to other generations so they can become a powerful family heirloom used in the name of the Lighted path. Please do not mistake this as just another necklace, this truly is a powerful tool that has been ritually programmed and touched by the energy of the Angels.

***Like all my items, this one is meant for a specific type of user, and not meant for everyone. It will work only with that type of user and not in all hands. If it calls to you then welcome and merry meet, if not then blessing and merry part on your own spiritual journey.


Prophesy for a Dreamer Talisman

Any level of worker can access the energies of this tool with some success. The more developed the user skills the better the tool works

Item Name: Prophesy for a Dreamer Talisman
Classification : This item number is 1--Limited to 7 in the entire World
Style: Necklace
Size:approx 23 inch with a silver tone clasp
Pendant Size =1 1/8 long 3/4 wide

Stone beads are as follows:

Light purple Amethyst
Red Jasper
Blue Howlite
Tiger Eye stars
Oyster Shell pendent

Special Uses for this necklace This necklace was programmed completely to aid in being on the money with dream interpretation and walking in the dreamtime. It will aid any Light worker in having a stronger intuition and not second-guessing themselves when stand before the darkness. This is a powerful tool that obliterates cures before they reach you, keeping the wearer strong and healed on all levels of being from any negative attacks. As you use this tool the ALBs well give you more information on what and how to use this tool for maximum success.