The Difference Between Talismans & Amulets
Wicca wanna be sellers at auctions

© LWM Oct. 16 2004

Ya know what drives me crazy? Well yes lots of things, but tonight it is something in particular. Its "Wicca wanna be sellers at auctions." I have just came from several on line auction places and have been looking at things to buy (I like buying things and on line shopping is about the only way I can shop anymore.) Ok so anyway I get to the sites and I see Amulets and Talismans. So I go to them thinking I have found a real treasure, maybe a practitioner of many years who is making real amulets and talismans to share with othersÖOhhh I am so excited at my find. Click, I open the sellers page and what do I find??? Oh about 30 amulets listed. OK I think thatís a lot of work and programming but maybe they have been hoarding them for some time.

So I give them the benefit of the doubt and click againÖ..Humm I think I wonder what type of amulets they have for sale??? I look at the page, its NO AMULET! Itís a Smokey quartz stone set in a necklace, cheap setting at that with a huge price tag. The description doesnít mention a thing about its programming and it only lists its natural properties as a stone! AAAGGGHHH I scream..Not again !

Again and again I find this all over the auction on the web and in the other young Wiccans I see (as well as some older ones) these are Book Wiccans. They have read Silver Ravenwolf or some other such lewellyn popular author of the month and are now tried and true knowledgeable Wiccans, who need no more direction as they have complete every book published in the last 4 months of a particular publisher and are now ready to teach. They donít believe in ranking systems (hummm I wonder why, as they are not even initiated) and are now a self reveled 3rd degree at 20 years old.

They have by the way no idea what the difference between an Amulet or a Talisman is and really donít care. They know what such items are as they have used them forever in their role playing D & D games (not to knock role playing as I have spent a few nights myself there) and KNOW that they are natural Wiccans and they donít need any training in the Craft.

Ok so maybe this kind of thought wouldnít bother me so much IF it just influenced them and their pathÖbut here they are on auction sites, where people (many times beginners) come looking for legitimate items. The sellers portray themselves as these wonderful 3rd degrees and Spiritual advisors, yet they donít even know what a Amulet or a Talisman is (the very basic of magickal tools) and are selling this crap as TRUE MAGICKAL TOOLS!!! Now Beginners are buying into it, not only the items, thinking they are real magickal amulets but into the ideas such Wicca wanna bees project!

Oh where has stepping out of the dark shadows brought us, I ask you. Are we not the favorite "fad" religion going, greed has overshadowed the beauty of the journey and the magick of discovery. Many have no idea what its like to sit at there foot of your teacher as She shares her secrets and insights with you, these bits of treasure hard won by her over the years. Many have no idea how wonderfully enjoined it feels to hear from the High Priest the views of males in the craft and the beauty they share at their relationship with the Goddess. The interaction is not there any more, the knowledge is not honored, the tradition of handing down is dismissed and the achievement status of earning a rank after putting in many hours of work is denied important.

Instead this new fad religion promises that after reading 150 odd pages of written tripe you to can call yourself a High Priestess and if you buy the next 2 books you too can develop into a 3rd degree. Hell if you buy this wonderful other book on tarot you can be a Master Tarot reader in oh say 30 minutes by following 7 easy steps and forking over $19.99. Goddess what have we allowed our religion to develop into!

Not everything comes just because we think it should, sometimes the journey is much more important that the destination, like growing into a High Priestess or High Priest. It is the many forms of experience that comes with it, the learning of tidbits of knowledge at the knees of someone who has studied and worked daily at her/his craft. Not how many books they have read, not how quickly they absorbed the knowledge (cause thatís no big deal its there for anyone and everyone who wants to take it) but the weave of the journey. The dark spots, the light ones, the mistakes made and the success earned. The laughter and loves, all the wonders found in between. These people KNOW what a true magickal tool is and that they share that with those who want to learn and not just label or call something such because it sounds cool and will draw in bidders and bring them a pretty pennyÖThese are the people who deserve our respect and our acknowledgment. They are the Ancient Jewels of our community. All others should do like the song says and Hit the road Jack and dont ya come back, no more, no more. no more, no more... please just think on it abit.

Anyway thatís what drives me nuts tonight.

Oh for those who donít know heres a brief definition:

What is an Amulet,
Its a Magickal tool that is made for a general purpose that anyone can use, it is passive in that anyone can pick it up and use it, there is seldom magickal activation needed of these types of tools. They are ready to use when found or given to you. For example itís like a general all around programmed money amulet, that is usually worn or carried to bring money to the wearer.

A Talisman
It is a magickal tool that is created for a specific person for a specific purpose. No one else can use it unless it is passed on and it usually has words of activation. An example of this would be an item (worn or carried) programmed specifically for say our friend Robin. The purpose of Robin special tool (talisman) would say be to make their acting unforgettable, so this magickal tool would be created just for Robin, just for that purpose and have some part of Robin invested in it (a clipping of hair or such used in the creation process! There are usually very special words of activation with a talisman and can only be used by others if the Talisman is handed down by the original owner or if the Talisman chooses a new owner after the other has crossed the veils

Any stones or metals or woods used in either of these items add the natural abilities to the programming but these alone DO NOT alone constitute an amulet or talisman, it needs to be programmed, period!


Blessings as another night turns by,

Lady Wolfen Mists

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