Auction Guidelines for Bidders

These Policies are effective as of June, 2005


Below are the policies concerning all auction items. It is the bidders responsibility to read these policies completely and to understand them. Bidding on an item amounts to acceptance of the policies written both here and at the auction site. Click on the red links to take you to that section

United States Postal System Postage Rates

Information on accepted International Orders & APO Orders

Information on acceptance of Paypal

Information On 10 day limit, payment issue

United States Postal System Postage Rates
The Postal system has upped the rates again, from now on we will only be shipping priority. The price varies because of the Post Office costs based on delivery zone. Click here to get exact cost of shipping based on zip code

Insured Mail

Up to $50 = $1.75

$50.01 to $100= $2.20

$100.01 to $200= $2.75

$200.01 to $300= $4.75

So our postage will need to reflect those rates. Those wishing to use UPS will also see a rate increase they just don't have it up yet. I will let you know when its up.

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International Orders & APO Orders
International orders will not be accepted at this time, Except for CANADA, as the shipping is outrageous and there is no way to insure items once they leave the USA. Once we find a way to get the shipping at reasonable costs and be able to insure we will ship internationally once more.

The following is a list of current paypal accepted countries, which we will CONSIDER shipping to .


In case you want to check shipping rates to your country here is the Url to check

International Rate Calculator


Being a Navy Brat most of my life I have a special place in my heart for those of you serving. So We will with out a problem ship to APO Stations :-) Blessing on you all!

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We now have a business account (Silver Hoofs Inc.) that anyone can use. Heres the paypal URL you will want to send payment to;

leave the last name blank.

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10 day Limit Payment Issue
Missing the payment on the 10-day limit on any auction will result in negative feedback! However if you miss the deadline and e-mail me before the deadline I may allow you to put your items on layaway (with a $10.00 layaway fee for 14 days.) That will give you a total of 24 days from the end of the auction to get the money to me (with the extra $10.00 fee). If you miss the layaway deadline you will receive negative feedback and the web mistress will be notified.

You may not have more than one weeks auction items on lay away at any given time. Meaning you can't bid on several weeks' items and put them on lay way every week. You must be a responsible bidder with your bidding.

The only exception to the ten (10) day limit is if you live outside of the continental USA. Let us know ahead of time and we will make reasonable adjustments in time for the mail to get it here. I have been pretty easy on this rule in the past but due to much misuse and abuse in the past I will have to stick to the rules from here on in, if that upsets you I am sorry but business is business. :-(

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Who to e-mail for payment questions
ANY correspondence about money-payments-layaway needs to be directed to Lady Shadow Stalker as she is the accounting dept. and she tired of me messing up the books :-(

Her e-mail is

Please put Lady Shadow Stalker in the subject line.

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