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Well here are the latest pictures of our baby as she grows. These are from Nov 2002 and she weighs a whole 7 pounds and is a total sweetie, with a bit of a terror in her.

Some of you have asked about her litter box training. Its going so very well. She uses it regularlly with only a little mistake here or there. Not even a year old yet (more like 10 months) she's doing absolutely marvelous

She has developed quite the personality and is so much fun, she loves to talk and play but does just lay around if you don't want to play. If your ever looking for an easy inside pup I highly recommend Papillions.

This first picture I took so you could compare how big she's gotten, look at the first pictures on page one and check it next to this one :-) This is about as big as she's gonna get!

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