Channeling Alieo

with Lady Wolfen Mists

What is a channeling session? Channeling is merely allowing another entity to "use" your body to relay information to various individuals. Lady Wolfen Mists is a Light Worker and has been guided by the Light to Channel Alieo. Alieo is considered a "Creation Soul" and has ascended to Higher Realms of consciousness. It is Alieo's mission to aid us in our ascension process, by teaching us to "know ourselves to the fullest" The task Alieo takes on is not a small one, as it is this entities job to usher Light Workers, and others into the New Era.

It is difficult for me to explain Alieo to you, so I will allow the entity to tell you of itself.

Greetings Walkers of The Light

I am Alieo, I am She who stirs the pot. I await to guide and nurture those who become ready for the accession process. All beings attempt this process at some point in their evolution. Each at their own pace and at their own time. I stir the pot of life adding the ingredients/information needed to complete the cycle. I must make sure that all things are timed to perfection and that all are truly ready to move forward in to the new Vibration of Light. Many times, when consciousness begins in a few at a time, as with your world, then the life of the planet itself is triggered. Beings begin to ""feel and sense""" knowledge that was just out of their reception before, the planet itself triggers the flow of consciousness/Light and ALL vibrations are stepped up. Light, Color, Vibrations and frequencies, before unknown to you, become a roaring river often flooding, almost overwhelming, the center essence of your being. Once this begins, it takes only a short time, and the majority of beings as on your planet now, grow in awareness. Universal Consciousness is once again achieved. Life ends, as you know it now. New Frequencies of Light and Higher Vibrations push you and your planet into indescribable realms of beauty, harmony, Creation, and perfection, where others await the rejoining of you and your planet. That place where Creation and infinity meet, Where all are one but still separate. Where Light Burns brightly and Darkness warms the soul. All is as it was/is meant to be, All is Balanced and you are the perfect being you were created to be.

It is also my job to encourage your growth and offer you information you may need. I have also discussed with Lady Wolfen Mists, my energy bearer, the need for the creation of the place called Dream Keep. It is for this that I offer my services. I have agreed to release specific information to you, in the form of a channeled session, in return for an agreed upon sum. This money will go to aid making the dream of Dream Keep come true. As I understand the curious nature of most of you I have agree on the following package (channeled session) If there is any other information I may give you any direction or guidance Please contact me through Lady Wolfen Mists, my energy Bearer. She will make the needed arrangements.

May your accession be swift and your life reflect the beauty of your soul. May you forever feel the Light in yourself and in all that exists around you.

I am Alieo

I am She who stirs the pot

Price List for Channeled Session (by Tape)

Set A: Current Life Overview: COST $85.00

Areas to work on and you excel in

Overall purpose of incarnation

Patterns that occur from past life to current

Information on how to heal these patterns, if they are not in your best interest

Natural Talents/Gifts Use of these Talents

Your Karmic balance

Set B Past Life Information COST $55.00

(1) Past Life: Information that concern the life

& Lessons that MOST effect this Lifetime

(2) Past life: Information on a specific era. COST $65.00

Give overview of One Specific Life

With as many details as possible without upsetting this life time

Set C Soul Set Highly Recommenced by Alieo COST $65.00

Give Soul Name

Give Soul Tone or cord for meditation

Give Soul Stone Programmed with "Star Home" includes instructions on how to use


Ask 2 personal questions you may want answered COST $25.00


Please Print & Fill out the following Information, as Complete as possible Use back for more room

Full Name:First ____________________________Middle__________________________________


Last Name (now) Maiden Name


Any Other legal names you have went by

Address _________________________________________________________________________

City_____________ State____________ Phone #_( )__________________

Date Of Birth/time___________________________ State/City of Birth_____________________


What Package do you wish to Order?

set A -$85.00 __________ [ ]

Set B 1- $55.00_________ [ ]

Set B 2- $65.00___________[ ]

Set C- $65.00_____________ [ ]

2 Additional questions $25.00 [ ]

List Questions (print)

#1________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #2________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sub Total $___________________

Shipping $5.50 $ ________________

GRAND TOTAL $_________________

Payment Method?

[ ] Personal Check

[ ] Money Order


[ ] Visa Card

[ ] Master Card

[ ] Discover Card or Novus Card

Card Number_______________________________

Typr of Card _________________________________

Name On Card ______________________________

Expiration Date______________________________

Card Holders Signature_________________________

*Shipping Free on orders of $150.00 or more

A session is approx.45-40 minute hour