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We arealways under Construction! trying to make this site pleasent to look at and interesting to come to . Please book mark us (as shown at top of page) and return often to check on new products and information.

NOTE: Our Store Has Reopened!

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Our Catalog, reopening!

Please TAKE NOTICE: If you would like a copy of the description then you are responsible for that. We will NO longer be sending out copies of what each individual items does. Its not that hard to do, just write it down also it helps in connection of the items to your magick, as it is in your own handwriting, and should be stored in your own Book of Shadows, this is 100% your responsibility

Our Policies Page Please read BEFORE Purchasing

Look for Wolfen Wicca(r) Banner on the web.

All old items are placed in Pagan Pages under LWM Archives

What is a fetch
What is a Fetch another New age Term many dont understand, as taught by Lady Wolfen Mists

Types of Spirit Guides
The basics on Spirit Guides and the like as taught by Lady Wolfen Mists

Grounding Techniques
An Easy understanding of Grounding and how to do it as taught by Lady Wolfen Mists

Channeling: A quick Overview
Channeling is one of those New Age buzzwords that many use and few truly understand. I hope to help clear that up a bit here and list a few types of channeling and some easy how tos

Portals, Vortexes, Passageways and Wormholes
A quick understanding for you of my experiences and understanding of the subjects named

Self Defense Techniques
easy Techinques that really help as developed by Lady Wolfen Mists

An area that seens not to be stressed as much as it should. In Wolfen Wicca (tm) we stress this over and over

Random Acts Of Kindness
Easy things you can do to touch the heart of the world, with printable cards

Free Will Zone Technique

An easy technique to help stop negative energies from reaching you. Aids in taking back your pwer, give it a try

More Products for Sale

New Products or 1 of a kind
These are personal programmed items
Always changing

Angel Like Beings Tools
Garden Of Angel Tools?

Free reads,
Tools to purchase and Instructions....
All this as related to Lady Wolfen Mists By the Angel Like Beings she Speaks with to help Anchor the Light to this Ream.
A MUST for Healers, Spirit Warriors and Light Workers!

Links for Angel Tools
Dark Night Survivor Non Talc Powder
Sacred Generator for Hallowed Energies
Energy Plates
Amazing Oils from the Angels
Raphaels Healing Waters
Strands Of Light

Ghost Buster &
Negative Energy Remover Tools

Tools to end Negative Energies
& Ghost Hauntings, as you all requested

Silver Hoofs & Paws Publishing Project
Purchase from the Silver Hoofs store front at LuLu
Visit here for our current listsing here

Other Services Available
Channeling Alieo with Lady Wolfen Mists. Who is Alieo?
Who we are
Magickal Seals
Seals Of Solomon
A Must for those needing protection
What Is WICCA?
A handout (overview) written by LWM in 1991
Demon Death Dagger
For Lightworkers and Spirit Warriors as well as other hearlds of the Lighted Path, ends Dark entities and sends them back to the Universe on the Astral/etheric Levels.
As guide by the Angels to Lady Wolfen Mists

Correspondance Courses and Information: All Closed for NOW! NO new students At this Time

Check this out

Faery Garden Spirit Pictures
Here are some amazing pictures of Spirits (Fae?) we caught in the garden


Our Newest Little Fur-babies

Lady Angel Wings
click here

Sir Robin of the Midnight Son
Isabella Des La Lumiere

Angelic Feather Project

From The ANGELS (ALBs) Please click here and Read
This program is to add us all (Light Workers & Others)
who need a Lift up.
The item is FREE, you pay a minimal shipping fee.

Disclaimers & Information on Usage and Copyright info. etc

Our table has grown to large again so I have cut it down abit. Click on the picture icon to take you to that Index page

Special Pictures for Special Orders

Pagan Ministry
Sacred Sanctuary,
Spirits of Light
Our Wiccan Church

From Here to The Summer Land

Come Honor Our Friends that have Crossed

Garden Of Light Project Where you can help make a difference.
THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! Come and help us make the world a better place, easy and 1 person at a time!

Pagan Pages

Book of Shadows & Other Magickal Stuff....


Lady Wolfen Mists Archives Click on this
Rants & Wisdoms

Here is a List of the topics this section covers, Individual subjects are placed under these headings. If its by Lady Wolfen Mists its probably here somewhere

****RANTS by Lady Wolfen Mists

****WRITINGS by Lady Wolfen Mists

****Tools to help in a Magickal Life
by Lady Wolfen Mists

****Educational Topics as viewed in Wolfen Wicca

Paranormal/Ghost Pictures

Spirits that Walk... Ghost Pictures
My own and others
Orb pictures?
At a Friends

Lady Shadow Stalkers Magickal Garden
With pictures of the Guardians

Come take a look

Faery Garden Spirit Pictures
Here are some amazing pictures of Spirits (Fae?) we caught in the garden

Free Down Loads
Book of Enoch
This Book is ready for download in zip file.Scroll to bottom of page

Links to Good Friends

Pagan, Paranormal & Light Worker Links:
Links to really good friends and neat places

links to Other Bloggers, friends I personally know them or have had positive e-mail contact with them :-)

Undiscovered Artists and Crafts people

These are Artists or Craft Workers that creat amazing beauty and Inspiried Creations.

Robert Mendoza:

T. Peek Studios:

Rowan & Raven Fine Vintage Accessories

Wyntier Song Place:

This & That

"Sorry No More"
No More Answers on "How to e-mails" from non students or non buyers

Scrying/crystal ball gazing
NO MORE E-mails answered on this topic and why





Weekly Auction Messages

Read Whats new this week and where its at!

Delphi Forum site at this link
NOTICE: Delphi will be closing at the end of this year

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Pursuant to current US Postal service regulations and other State & Fed. Laws, Silver Hoofs Inc., Lady Wolfen Mists and anyone working there are unable to make claims as to the effectiveness of the products sold on this web page, or in their catalog, for medicinal, health or occult purposes. The information has been provided for your reference and is from historical/traditional uses. This information is intended to help you make informed decisions, NOT AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR COMPETENT MEDICAL CARE. We are merely offering you historical/alternative and traditional items for your informed usage.

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

All music, sounds, images, text and writings are protected by copyright for their respective owners and agencies. We in no way mean to take credit for another persons work. . If there are any grievances regarding copyright violations, please email me and those items in question will be removed or credit given immediately

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The Two Awards shown on each side of the wolves, are ones Silver Hoofs Gives out to those I feel Deserve them, so Look for them on websites and Blogs around the Internet. They were Created by my dear friend Wiccan Oracle

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